The idea behind this blog has been kicking around in my head for about 6 months now. I decided to find a place to express my opinions about disability and associated issues and see what people thought. I was born with a disability, had the experience of both mainstream and ‘special’ education and then acquired a second disability on my early 30s so I’ve got a reasonable background to base my opinions on.

As a start, I thought of a few subjects which I’ll have a go at and see what happens. They’ll include:

  • Activists as household names, where are they for disability?
  • Music crossover – Protest songs. Plenty of civil rights songs cross over to popular music, why not disability ones?
  • Disability arts, different thresholds? Is the quality ‘in objective terms’ expected to be lower because the experience expressed is ‘very real’?
  • Is the social model still valid? If not, how do disabled people define a new model?
  • Disabled Activism – Where is it in the 21st Century?
  • Disabled Community – Does it exist? Who are we? Are we a community? Should we be?
  • Disabled Community – gains and losses with mainstreaming
  • Disability vs. other equality streams. Are we doing as well as we should be?
  • The ‘Big Society’ – Opportunity or threat?
  • Changes to Healthcare funding – Have we got a stronger or weaker voice?
  • Brave victims? – Media reporting and stereotypes. Should we influence this and how?
  • Hate Crime – What should we have to put up with? Sticks and stones etc?

These are in no particular order and if I come up with other stuff I’ll just do it, after all, it’s my blog.